Explore the potential of proactive inspection

New technologies are inevitable as they are becoming a natural part of our everyday life. This also applies to the construction industry. One of the technologies is drones.

Drones can save money and time and secure safety for workers on-site. They can deliver precise and digital images, maps and other files that can be shared in minutes which enable a smoother operation and maintenance process.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, read the exciting article from the New York Times, where the use of drones and their potential are highlighted.

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Jan. 11, 2019 Topics: Digitalisation
Digitalisation in the construction industry
The term BIM covers multiple concepts but in the end it's all about the process of digitalisation in the construction industry. BIM is an evolution and that takes time - it changes the ways we work in construction. Data and Information are central elements to the way the industry will achieve more efficiency and productivity through BIM. BIM should not become complex. BIM should be a technology-tool to make construction better. Want to learn more? Read the article here
Nov. 23, 2018
Highlights from InfraHub’s first conference
InfraHub's first conference was held on Thursday, 15th November. Its theme was 'Challenges and Benefits of Data Driven Asset Management.' The event attracted substantial interest and both speakers and participants contributed to an inspiring conference that focused on knowledge sharing and networking.

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