New e-book for you

On behalf of the Alexandra Institute, we are delighted to present a brand new e-book that has just been published.

This compact 'goodie bag' is intended for those wishing to develop their business with the help of artificial intelligence.

The book is packed with facts, specific examples and good advice for you to enjoy free of charge.

Our artificial intelligence experts have helped a number of companies to streamline their processes, optimize their systems and translate data into value. Many of our customers understand the challenges that they face. They know that they want to change or develop aspects of their business. However, they do not necessarily know whether artificial intelligence is the solution. How, for example, does the need to save water or reduce piglet mortality fit together with artificial intelligence?

Perhaps you think ‘this is too large a project’ …….’we’re not ready for it…..’

When people ask us how artificial intelligence can be implemented in their business, it turns out that many believe that it demands much more than it actually does. It’s too expensive, it takes too long, etc.

This is not necessarily the case.

This e-book is a guide to the steps you can take and offers you an insight into how other companies have drawn on artificial intelligence – with a little help from the experts.

NB. The book is written in danish

Download the Alexandra Institute new book about artificial intelligence 

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