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Cookie policy

Sund & Bælt uses cookies on the website The following describes which cookies are used, for what purpose, and how you can prevent and remove them.

1. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored in your browser to recognize your computer on subsequent visits. A cookie can contain text, numbers or, for example, a date, but no personal information is stored in our cookies. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain viruses.

When you visit, you automatically receive one or more cookies.

2. The lifespan of a cookie

Different cookies have different lifespans depending on the function of the individual cookie. When a cookie reaches its specified lifetime, it deletes itself. With each new visit to the website, all cookies are renewed.

3. How to prevent or remove cookies

If you do not wish for cookies to be stored on your computer, you can choose not to receive them. You can also delete those cookies on your hard drive. You can select these options in your internet browser settings.

How to delete or block cookies:

4. What cookies are used for at

In order to determine who visits our website, we use cookies to compile demographic and user-related statistics. This enables us to customize and establish content and services to suit you and other users’ interests and wishes.

4.1 Third party cookies – Google Analytics

User-related statistics are collected via the cookie analytics.js. No personal data is recorded. Cookies collect information about your device’s location based on the IP address, which pages you visit at and how long you remain on them. We use this knowledge to optimize the site and to give you the best possible experience. We use systems from Google Analytics and Google User Content.

If you wish to block cookies from Google Analytics, you can do so here at:

4.2 Third party cookies – DoubleClick

This cookie does not store any personal information. It is used to gather knowledge that segments your behavior in terms of your presumed age, sex and interests. The cookie is used in Google’s advertising network to target advertising based on what is relevant to you as a user.

You can administer the advertisements sent to you based on Google’s network here:

4.3 Other third party

A number of third-party services are used at These services sometimes use cookies. You can remove third-party cookies in your browser. See instructions in section 3, “How to prevent or remove cookies”.

We use MailChimp, a third party, to send out newsletters. Such third parties will only receive your personal data in the form of data handled for CFF. MailChimp is located in the USA, and so your details will be transferred to a country outside the EU/EEA. MailChimp is a member of the Privacy Shield scheme and this regulates the transfer of your personal data to MailChimp.

We use LinkedIn to share our content from within the Infrahub group. This is where discussions take place and where we can follow any activity from our various postings.

We also use to show videos on our website – Vimeo places a cookie to keep track of which of our videos are shown at

Cookie summary

Name Purpose Lifetime
Session Remembers, for example, what information you have entered into a form so you don’t have to enter the same information again. 14 days
Cache The content of a page is stored – cached – with the purpose of displaying the content faster when you return to the same page. Until the browser is closed
Acceptance of cookies We place a cookie that keeps track of your acceptance of cookies. 12 months
Third-party cookies
Name Purpose Lifetime
Google Analytics Gathers various information on user behavior in order to optimize, thereby giving you the best possible experience. No personal data is recorded. Up to 2 years
Gemius Records internet use at market level and across various websites.

The measurement complies with all legislation in the area, including applicable personal data law, and does not disclose information about individuals’ internet behavior – exclusively in aggregate form.

Gemius does not record personal data. You can opt out of the Gemius measurement here: her.

DoubleClick The purpose is to give Sund & Bælt an insight into what type of users visit based on gender, age and interests. In addition, the cookie collects information about user behavior for Google’s ad network. 2 years
MailChimp The cookie is placed when a user signs up for an email service from our MailChimp provider. This is a functional cookie. Until the session is concluded
LinkedIn The Cookie is placed when a user undertakes an action in the form of a like, a share, a comment and if a message is clicked and then transferred to Until the session is concluded
Vimeo Placed in connection with the viewing of videos on our website. Gathers information about which videos are being played. 2 years

The typical lifespan of a cookie is long to prevent it from expiring while the browser is open. Most cookies will be deleted or overwritten when the browser is closed or opened. They are recreated at each new visit and if they are already found, they are overwritten.

Last updated: 10. September 2018

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